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Recharge, Rediscover, and Escape the Survival Cycle!

Recharge, Rediscover, and Escape the Survival Cycle!

Feeling stuck on repeat, like you're constantly running but never getting anywhere?

Are you:

  • Constantly stressed & exhausted?
  • Over the daily grind and feeling unfulfilled?
  • Wondering where your spark and purpose went?

You're not alone! Millions are stuck on "Auto-Pilot", feeling like they're just going through the motions.

But what if there was a way to break free and rediscover the vibrant you?

Introducing the Recharge, Rediscover, Escape the Survival Cycle Program!

This isn't just any program! ‍We'll tap into your past to understand your present, but also empower you to take control and build a life that truly lights  you up! ✨

Is this program for you?

  • You're ready to ditch the drama and stop feeling stuck.
  • You're done tolerating anxiety & exhaustion.
  • You're craving to reconnect with your true self and live authentically.
  • You're ready to understand the root of your issues and heal from the past. 

This program is NOT for everyone! If you're comfortable being stuck on auto-pilot, this might not be for you!

But if you're ready to:

  • Understand the root of your stress & unhappiness.
  • Develop tools to manage stress & cultivate inner peace.
  • Build healthy, fulfilling relationships.
  • Live a life filled with purpose & passion. 

Then this program is your golden ticket! Ticket | ID#: 12642 |

Here's the deal:

  • Format: Hybrid (live online sessions & self paced learning)
  • Duration: 4 weeks (May 1-May 22 2024)
  • Commitment: 4+ hours of LIVE learning throughout the program
  • Content: You'll work through proven strategies to recognize issues in your life and create a plan for your healing

What we'll cover:

  • Identify & Understand Symptoms of Survival Mode
  • Explore how past experiences can create repetitive patterns
  • Examine the impact of different parenting styles
  • Delve into the challenges of living authentically, but also discover ways to connect with your true self
  • Explore how your attachment style might be impacting your relationships & hindering growth
  • Create an individualized healing plan

What you'll walk away with:

  • Clarity: Uncover the hidden roots of your stress & dissatisfaction.
  • Empowerment: Develop practical tools to manage stress & cultivate inner peace.
  • Purpose: Reconnect with your authentic self and discover your purpose.
  • Connection: Build strong, healthier relationships based on authenticity.
  • Action Plan: Create a personalized roadmap for ongoing healing & growth. 

Meet Your Facilitator:

Sheneica Hunter-Gibbs is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Therapist that specializes in Adult Childhood Trauma. She's passionate about helping individuals understand the root causes of their challenges so they can recognize unhealthy behavioral patterns and restructure them to get the most out of life. She doesn't just want you to survive, she wants you to thrive and witness you win at life!

A Message From The Facilitator:


    • Will we meet weekly? Yes for 4 weeks through live online interactive sessions.
    • Is this program in person or online? This is an online program (more details will be shared after registration)
    • How long is each live session? 1 hour 
    • Is this program a form of therapy? No, it's a wellness program focused on self discovery & healing, NOT therapy!
    • Do you accept insurance? No, the program doesn't accept insurance, but we offer payment plans. 

    Ready to ditch auto-pilot and hit reset on your life?

    Don't wait! Sign up TODAY and  claim your spot on your transformative journey!

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