Therapy With Us Looks Like:

It's crucial to recognize that your emotions are valid and will be acknowledged in our safe space. Mental health challenges disproportionately affect women, influenced by various disparities both within and outside the workplace. Factors such as the perception of needing to outperform male counterparts, financial pressures to break the glass ceiling, and the ongoing struggle to balance personal and professional responsibilities contribute to these issues.

Similarly, men also experience prevalent mental health challenges. Common issues include a tendency to self-rely and avoid seeking help, suppressing emotions, and feeling the weight of being the primary provider for their families.

It's important to address and navigate these challenges with empathy and understanding.

Working with us looks like…


By the end of counseling, you will not only have identified how past experiences are affecting your present behavior & experiences, but also you will have honed in on your desired career & life, and created an action plan for how you can bring those ideas into fruition.

One thing we want to make very clear is that this is not a linear process. We will be delving into serious issues, and some processes may take longer than others. You may find yourself backtracking one week, and we want to let you know that this is completely okay and normal!

Our role is to support and guide you in the best way we can. On our clients’ end, we ask for open communication, authenticity, and transparency as this will help with effectively moving through the counseling process.

Keep in mind to that to see real change, we ask that clients stick with us for a minimum of three months (6 months preferred). Just like with anything, nothing changes overnight, so this work will take time!